14 May 2021 Change to Artist List of the K21 Collection On 27 March 2021, we announced that a work by Jenny Holzer would be included in the K21 Collection. After subsequent discussions with Holzer's studio, it has become clear that we will not be able to align our schedules in order to complete a work in time for the K21 Collection.

Since the project’s inception, we have been in continuous dialogue with a number of artists about potential future collections and collaborations. We are delighted to welcome into the K21 Collection Sondra Perry, an artist who constructs multifaceted narratives that explore the imagining, or imaging, of Blackness throughout history. Often taking her own life as a point of departure, Perry makes works that revolve specifically around Black American experiences and the ways in which technology and identities are entangled.

On this occasion, we’d also like to congratulate Perry as the winner of the inaugural Dream Commission established by the Rolls-Royce Muse Art Programme, in partnership with the Serpentine Gallery, London, and the Fondation Beyel

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